BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 950 keyboard USB AZERTY Belgian Silver,White
  • BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 950 keyboard USB AZERTY Belgian Silver,White

BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 950 keyboard USB AZERTY Belgian Silver,White

Manufacturer:  Bakker Elkhuizen
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2 x USB, 285 x 147 x 19, 455 g, PnP, BEL


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This keyboard has two USB ports, making it easy to connect with two other devices.
The keyboard is thinner and less wide and deep than its predecessor, the S-Board 840.
The Ultraboard 950 is compact, which helps you adopt a better work posture and minimize forearm problems.
The keys of the UltraBoard 950 have a light touch. This is made possible by the application of a scissor mechanism instead of a traditional membrane, giving you very fine tactile feedback.
The dark letters on the light background of the keyboard make reading easier and result in higher productivity.
The Ultraboard 950 has four standard hotkeys. This allows you to directly open a new tab in your browser, go to your email, do a printscreen and activate a numlock.
UltraBoard 950 is the latest compact keyboard from BakkerElkhuizen. The light keystroke, 2 USB ports and clear layout make this a complete keyboard. The biggest difference to a standard keyboard is that it has no numerical section, which makes the keyboard narrower. A compact keyboard reduces the distance to the mouse and reduces strain on your lower arms. An added benefit is that a compact variant is easier to transport in a laptop bag. You therefore need not rely on your laptop keyboard. A compact keyboard lacks the numerical section. The mouse can thus be placed closer to the keyboard. Research shows 90% of users rarely or never use the numerical section. A compact keyboard is more comfortable because it reduces the distance to the mouse (Cook C, et al., 1998). It thus reduces strain on the lower arms and shoulders. Dark letters on a bright background improve legibility (ISO 9241) and contribute to higher productivity (Snyder, 1990).

BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 950. Keyboard form factor: Mini. Keyboard style: Straight. Connectivity technology: Wired, Device interface: USB, Keyboard layout: AZERTY. Cable length: 0.12 m. USB hub, Recommended usage: Office. Product colour: Silver,White