Ewent EW3157 mouse USB Optical 1800 DPI Right-hand
  • Ewent EW3157 mouse USB Optical 1800 DPI Right-hand

Ewent EW3157 muis USB Optisch 1800 DPI Rechtshandig

Manufacturer:  Eminent
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Wired Ergonomic Mouse


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The EW3157 Wired Ergonomic Mouse is a good solution when spending much time on a computer. Many common symptoms of hand/mouse related strain are prevented and reduced by using this ergonomic mouse. Work more comfortably thanks to the ergonomic design. Your hand, wrist and forearm are supported more naturally. The EW3157 Wireless Ergonomic Mouse is equipped with five buttons and a scroll wheel. It has a high precision 1800 DPI optical sensor and a DPI button to switch between the four DPI levels: 600-800-1200-1800. The mouse is USB powered via the 1.25m long USB cable.

Ewent EW3157. Vormfactor: Rechtshandig. Bewegingsdetectietechnologie: Optisch, Aansluiting: USB, Bewegingsresolutie: 1800 DPI, Soort knoppen: Drukknoppen, Aantal knoppen: 5, Scroll type: Wiel. Stroombron: Kabel. Kleur van het product: Zwart

[1] Wired vertical ergonomic mouse with 5 buttons and scroll wheel, that allows you to work comfortably and prevents many common symptoms of hand/mouse-related strain injuries
[2] High accuracy optical sensor with four preset DPI levels: 600-800-1200-1800
[3] Cable length: 1.25m